Friday, April 07, 2006

Then & Now, With 30 Years in Between

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Then Picture: at Lowell High School, 1975, Our Senior Year

Gail and I were high school sweethearts. We became "a couple" in our senior year. We were young and in love, meaning we loved each other, but I don't think we really knew what love really meant. We were typical teenagers, idealistic, but not really knowing where our lives would be heading. Were those really the "good old days" that everyone likes to refer to? I understand what that phrase means now. Yes, when we look back, they were fun times. It's great to be carefree, a little naive, and just living for the moment. This is something that goes away over time as we all deal with life's challenges and responsibilities, but hopefully it's something that all of us can rediscover before it's too late.

Now Picture: at Lowell High School, 2005, 30th Reunion Picnic

For the second picture, we looked for the same spot in the outer courtyard, next to the flagpole. The flagpole was removed a while ago when they rearranged the courtyard, so we just tried to do a similar pose on one of the benches.

Here we are, thirty years later, we will be married for 23 years in May 2006. a lot older, and hopefully a little wiser than we were. Wow! Thirty years worth of old friends, meeting new friends, traveling, careers, highs, lows, good times, bad times, world changes, and we're not done yet! It was quite a ride, but I think the best is truly yet to come.

As we inch toward the "new middle age" (50 years old), we are dealing with the typical problems for people in this category. Things like health problems, career burnout, aging parents, deaths of loved ones, and worrying about our retirement planning. Gail and I do not have children, otherwise, you can add "family growth issues" to the list.

We can only do our best to deal with life's little roadblocks, but I'm thankful that I am able to continue sharing my life's experiences with Gail.


I really enjoyed your post and the photos.

My husband and I just turned 50 this year. We met in our late 20's and have been married for 15 years. We are dealing with a lot the same issues you mentioned, and it has been a roller coaster ride, but our love and respect for each other is stronger then ever.

Our daughter witll be 10 in May, so we have to cope with paying college tuition when we should be retiring -- but it is totally worth every penny.

I agree, "the best is yet to come".
What a great "then and now," Warren. I love the contrast and the story of your life together. Thanks for sharing!
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